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All you need to start your Business in Italy

asalvatico.it provide Business Development Services in the High Tech segment of the ICT Market, mainly in the Open Source, Business Intelligence, VOIP, Security and Telecommunications fields.

Startups and Companies that are interested in entering the Italian market will like to evaluate our services as an alternative to hiring local personnell or running the business from remote.

asalvatico.it  provides a full set of ICT Business Development Expertises and Services that can be accessed "on demand", as needed and when really needed, in order to assess, explore, open, grow or maintain the presence in the Italian Market.

January 2011 is our third anniversary since the company was created; three years of activity with great satisfaction. In this period we have been able to grow specific skills and to help customers mainly in the following sectors:

- open source software solutions

- databases and BI applications

- APM, application performance management and application performance monitoring

- database real time replication and disaster recovery

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