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Who we are

asalvatico.it  has been founded by Alessandro Salvatico with the mission to help hi-tech Companies to extend their business in Italy by providing Country Management and Business Development Services.

We offer services to allow a quick and smooth start of the operations in the local market with a flexible price approach.

asalvatico.it can count on partnerships of high specialized professionals and organizations to teamwork on specific business cases.

Alessandro Salvatico


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Graduated at Politecnico di Milano in Electronic Engineering in 1977, I have 35+ year of experience in the ICT market and I am very familiar with Enterprise Accounts, Carriers and with the ICT Channel.

I am running my own Business Development activity since the end of 2007 and I have completed several challenging and successfull projects so far.

From 2002 to 2007 I served as Director of Operations at Tenovis and as Customer Service Manager at Avaya. In this role I was responsible for the Implementation, Project Management and Professional Services team and I was able to successfully manage and complete complex VOIP and Call Center projects at large Italian Customers. I also grew a strong experience in change management and team integration during the merge of Tenovis into Avaya.

Until 2002 I covered the role of Sales and Marketing Manager with few but very successful Italian System integrators. Among all, the best experience and overachievement was with Uniautomation, where I was able to grow the Company by 10 times in less than 5 years by winning very large contracts with Telecom operators for the unique technology in the emerging Internet market.